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Meet The Muse @el_archambault - Blog Post

Meet The Muse @el_archambault - Blog Post

Meet Our Muse @el_archambault, a style queen! We interviewed El to learn about her favourite pieces, how to layer and her key street style looks. We hope you enjoy 

What is your go to everyday noah piece?

My go to every day piece would be the ROME necklace ! It’s bold but goes with every outfit! 

How do you choose what jewellery to style each day?

I chose unique pieces! As I wear a lot of basic outfits I love to make the jewellery stand out ! 

3. Are you a silver or gold girl?

I’m a gold girl! ( but I also love to mix and match silver & gold sometimes ) 

4. We know you love to layer, what are your key noah pieces you love layering at the moment? 

I haven’t stopped wearing the Surrey  necklace and the Nottingham necklace together it’s a perfect combo!